A Solo Exhibition of New Works

painting | etching | mixed-media

When commencing work for a new exhibition, Leon Pericles looks to a new arena of materials, topics and mediums rather than relying on the success of previous works. This way of working is a challenge, taking much more time with new decisions and riddles that are often difficult to solve. It’s not the most efficient way of approaching an exhibition but results in Pericles producing fresh and superior work.

The starting point for this collection is translucency, an exploration of layers and colours. The power and subtlety of transparent and opaque create the dark and light with a tumultuous palette between. These complicated ingredients require colour etiquette and structural decorum. Translucence balances off the brushes. In one painting the red is vicious, the blue tenacious, yellow untrustworthy, purple a pleasure, green luxurious and orange is hot and flamboyant. In the next this all changes. Pericles continuously redefines with rare paint from the brain.

Pericles collectors will also be treated to a taste of his trademark style. Taming a Tumultuous Palette will reveal Pericles’ newest etching: Seconds Before Goff & Sue’s Life Changed Forever. This masterful creation features an overload of detail and wit. Also showing is a series of intricate mixed-media works filled with colour, texture and iconic Pericles patterning.  


299 Railway Road (Cnr. Nicholson Road) Subiaco