Guiding Inertia to be revealed at FineArt@Hale Friday July 21st


Hale School’s Stone Inlay Guiding Inertia By Leon Pericles AM – Old Haleian (1962-65)


Guiding Inertia was inspired by Leon’s 2008 etching From Humble Beginnings, commissioned to celebrate Hale School’s 150 Years. 

Leon has created a device comprised of three instruments surrounded by the eye. This device symbolises the journey of a young person through early life. Each element – the barometer, the compass, the clock, and the eye – represents a different aspect of this passage.

Outer Eye: The radiating eye-shaped text contains a list of professions that a student might aspire to achieve; an ambition they may pursue with the support and foundation provided by Hale School. The eye also alludes to the notion of looking at oneself with a moral conscience, looking back at one’s conduct in the past, as well as looking forward to one’s future.

Barometer: The outermost ring depicts a barometer representing the circumstances into which a child is born – an unchangeable position that influences a child’s growth and development.

Compass: Within the barometer ring lies the compass, to indicate the direction and choices that a young person will make throughout their life.

Clock: At the heart of the device resides the clock signifying the invaluable element of human existence: time. The clock emphasises the significance of how we utilize the time we have on life’s journey.

Commissioned by Hale School with support from the Parents’ and Friends’ Association.

Special Thanks To Headmaster Dean Dell’Oro, Project Manager ReBecca Shilkin, Graphic Designer Danielle Dobra, Production Harradence Glass & Stone Decorators, and Leon Pericles’ Studio Staff, Moira McDermont and Alana Clarke.


Guests can join the celebrations Friday July 21 at Hale School. Tickets available for purchase at


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